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Back to it….

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately. I gave birth to our daughter on 11th March and life has been pretty busy since then. Anyway im just starting to catch up on things and hoping to get back to updating the blog on a regular basis. 

DH has been in charge of the finances for the last couple of weeks and I have no idea what he has been up to so im basically writing March off, I thought I may have to do this! Tonight I have written the meal plan for the next 4 weeks and have made a shopping list. The new month starts tomorrow for us so its going to be a fresh start! 

I took out a trial subscription to Which inorder to read reviews of a couple of items we are looking to buy and I got their magazine through the post, its actually quite interesting reading. One of the articles is about Dishwasher Tablets and Dishwasher Powder. I had not realised that there was such a huge cost difference per wash so this month we are going to try out the powder and I will keep the blog updated with my thoughts on this. 



March Week 1

March Week 1 is over so heres our update. The weekly cash budget is now £45 (was £50)

  • Number of No Spend Days  2
  • Money spent on top up shop & Milk Delivery £15
  • Money spent on eating out £12
  • Money spent on misc items £18
  • Money left out of weekly cash budget – 0
  •  Car use, we used the car 5 days out of 7, travelled 116.2 miles and it cost approx £19 in petrol. The car was used more than it has been in previous weeks mainly to get tasks done before I go into hospital.
  • Meal Plan. We have stuck to the meal plan that we had :)

So in summery not the best week but not the worst either. We stayed within the new cash budget, no surplus but we didn’t run out either. We knew this week would be busy with payday and various other things to be done before I go into hospital and the new baby arrives. We are also now getting our milk delivered, this costs more than buying it from the shops but we feel that its important to support the local farmers and business buying this way. 

Running Totals for the month: 2 No Spend Days, Surplus from weekly budget £0

This will be my last blog post for a wee while as Im going into hospital on Monday and DH will be in charge of the finances! 

Pennywise Mothers Day

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever”

Its Mothering Sunday this weekend and we decided that this year we would make something for our Mums, we had thought about what we might like to get them and nothing inspired us, the decision was made to make them a box of biscuits each and a gift from our son. 

So we bought a couple of cupcake boxes and today baked the biscuits. Each box has Stem Ginger Biscuits, Chocolate Smartie Cookies and Iced Biscuits. We are really pleased with the results and will be giving them to our mums tomorrow. I’m not sure if the cost is cheaper than shop bought (probably is) but hope that our mums appreciate them! 




It was a nice thing to do together as a family 🙂 Our son has also made a present for his grans, paper mach piggy banks, Ive posted a picture below and will do a separate post on this 🙂


March Begins…

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” Dr Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

March is here and its going to be a very busy and interesting month for us. I am due to give birth to our second child on 11th March and will take some time to recover after the Cesarean section so my blogging may be limited for a wee while!

We have had some lovely sunny days and its been nice to be able to do simple things like tidy the garden, hang the washing outside and play in the garden with our son. Now that the days are longer our chickens are laying more eggs and we are getting 3-4 a day which is great. 


















Today we done the big food and household shop for March. I have done a meal plan for the month based on the food we already have in the house, there is one week where we will be eating home made freezer meals but the majority of the months lunches and evening meals are planned out. We went to Aldi armed with our list and got some other items in Sainsburys. We did not have any butcher meat to buy as we bulk bought in Costco last month, there is no toilet roll or washing detergent either but I needed a few toiletries and some make up items as well as baking ingredients. Here is how the spend broke down:

Food: £64.41

Household Items: £5.43

Toiletries: £10.83

Nappies & Baby Wipes: £9.06

Total Spend: £89.73

I had said to DH that I would love to come in under £100.00 this month and we did so I’m really pleased. Aside from this the only food we need to buy is our weekly top up shop for fresh items. 

We are aiming for 16 No Spend Days in March. 

A good start to the month!