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Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

I’d like to add that negotiating is not something to be avoided or feared – it’s an everyday part of life. Leigh Steinberg

Our contract with our landline phone and broadband is coming to an end soon so I had been doing some research into alternative providers and packages. I made a shortlist of 2 companies and made contact with my current provider informing them that I wanted to cancel my contract when it expires. 

They offered me an “incentive” to stay with them but it was not attractive to me and involved  reducing the services I receive to achieve a reduced monthly cost…I was not impressed and reiterated that I had found alternative options which gave me the same usage allowance at a lower cost. Therefore as my current provider offered no incentive to retain my business then I was going elsewhere. 











Next I was offered a reduction in price which matched the best alternative price I had found so this made me happy. I then asked if they offered any discount if I paid my line rental upfront for the year, this is not something that the company advertise but it turns out that they do offer a discount which amounts to £56.00. 

So in summary over the next 12 months we will be saving ourselves £14 per month compared to our current package. This amounts to £168 per year plus the £56.00 saving on line rental giving a total saving of £224.00. It really does pay to do some research and negotiate. 


April Shopping

We managed to do the big food and household shop for April with a toddler and a 3 week old plus me (recovering from a c section)! I have done a meal and lunch plan for the month based on the food we already have in the house and freezer. In addition I also decided what I wanted to bake this month so I knew what I needed to buy meaning there should not be so many additions to the weekly shopping lists. 


















We went to Aldi armed with our list and got some other items in Morrisons. Aside from not needing toilet roll this was a pretty big shopping list and included laundry detergent and several other household items and toiletries! Here is how the spend broke down:

Food: £59.29 

Household Items: £15.22

Toiletries: £9.31

Baby Milk & Kids Stuff: £12.68

Total Spend: £96.50

Delighted that we came in below £100.00 this month even with baby milk.  Aside from this the only food we need to buy is our weekly top up shop for fresh items. Breaking my spend down into the different categories also helps me to see where we are spending money.  I put my shopping list into the Asda website and worked out (roughly) that the same list would cost me around £118 so thats a saving of £21.50. 

We are aiming for 12 No Spend Days in April. Due to our daughter being in hospital for a few days the first week of the month is a bit of a write off 😦 

A good start to the month!

Warmer, drier days

One thing I like about the longer / drier days is being able to dry my laundry outside. Nothing beats the smell of sheets that have been dried outside!


We have had some really nice dry weather over the last few days so I’ve been on a bit of a washing rush! It just saves trying to get clothes, towels and sheets dried in the house and means not having to use the tumble drier! I’ve also learned to fold the laundry when I take it off the line therefore reducing the ironing pile – happy days 🙂

Not a good easter

Well we had an eventful easter, our baby girl ended up being admitted to hospital on good friday with broncholitis which had been caused by the cold and flu virus. She is only 3 weeks old so ended up being admitted and put on oxygen and tube fed until she got over the worst. Luckily she responded well and got home on Tuesday, we are very grateful to the hospital staff for looking after us so well. Im just catching up on all the finance bits and hoping to do an update post tomorrow!