Monthly Archives: June 2013

Pennywise Dishwashing

 I’m not sure that I could survive without my dishwasher! However I had been looking at ways to reduce the cost of running it. A few weeks ago I blogged about my plan to try dishwasher powder over dishwasher tablets. This came about purely by accident, I received a copy of Which? Magazine which had reviews of dishwasher tablets and powders. 


Anyway I bought a box of dishwasher powder from Morrisons (It got a good review) and im pleased to advise that I have noticed absolutely no difference from the tablets I normally used (Aldi). The powder worked out at £2 for 1.2kg, costs around 10p per wash (less than half the cost of a premium brand tablet). I found the cleaning to be just as good and the box lasted me 2 months! I would normally use at least 1 full box of tablets per month. So thumbs up to this. Its recommended to keep your dishwasher topped up with Rinse Aid and Salt when using powder but even factoring this in still gives a significant reduction in costs, at least £40 a year for us. I have also tried the Finish Powder which is more expensive than the Morrisons own brand but still much cheaper than tablets. This also gave me good results. 

Apart from changing the detergent I have been making sure that the dishwasher is only run when its full, make use of the economy program when possible and rinse the dishes under cold water before putting them in to remove the worst of the food. 


A Fresh Start

Ok the last few months haven’t been that great for us in terms of keeping an eye on the finances and keeping track of spending so time for a fresh start and a renewed effort…more to come tomorrow on how i plan to make it until payday and try to spend as little as possible!!