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Meal Planning Monday 28th October 2013

I thought I would share our meal plan and hopefully link up with some other bloggers to share some ideas 🙂


  • Monday: Takeaway
  • Tuesday: Baked Potato
  • Wednesday: Marinated Chicken
  • Thursday: Fish Fingers
  • Friday: Pasta and Sauce (Home made)
  • Saturday: Beans and Cheese on Toast
  • Sunday: Beef Burgers and Potato Wedges (Homemade)

We will have either salad or vegetables with each meal and normally some yoghurt and fruit or jelly for dessert 🙂

Im going to link up with At Home with Mrs Ms meal planning monday so that we can all share ideas.



Christmas Candles

A while back I had the idea of making some candles for family and friends and giving them as gifts at Christmas time. I duly ordered the wax, wicks and moulds and have given it a go…Im still testing and working out colour and scent but its actually good fun.

Its fairly straightforward and there are loads of videos and instructions online.

Here is my second attempt (the first attempt was melted back down!)

Image   Image

I also found a good site which had a video about how to make candles from Pringle Tubes, I thought it was worth a try and the results have been great! Heres a link to the website and there are some pictures of my first attempt below.





Ive ordered some clear bags and plan to package the candles up nicely before Christmas. I will post a picture of the finished item 🙂

It is important to note that I’m not an expert so its really important to do your research and take the appropriate safety precautions when doing something like this.



Life has been very hectic in the Pennywise house so I havent had much time to do any blogging. However I am back and am going to do my best to get blogging again. 

Tonight I am experimenting with candle making, hoping to make enough progress to give some away as Christmas gifts.

Back tomorrow 🙂