Freezing Vegetables to Prevent Waste

We have been buying a fruit and vegetable box from the local greengrocer (recently discovered) and last week I had one lonely turnip left. Rather than let it go to waste I peeled and chopped it, blanched in boiling water for 2 minutes then I immediately put it into iced cold water. Finally I dried it with kitchen paper and put it in a freezer bag. I will use it in stew, soup or simply cook for 6-8 minutes with a little butter added. A year ago this would have been put in the bin!

Here are some pictures of the process.


You can freeze loads of vegetables in this way including broccoli (best packed in rigid containers so its not damaged), cauliflower florets, butternut squash. These are usually able to be stored for 12 months.

Im finding that having some vegetables prepared and stored in the freezer makes life much easier when it comes to making soups and stews, all i need to do is put them into the pan, no peeling or chopping required.

I was also given a whole load of cooking apples, these have been peeled and stewed, I’ve made some into individual sized apple crumbles which I have frozen with the crumble uncooked. All I need to do is take them out of the freezer and cook them. I’ve stored the rest of the stewed apple in plastic boxes in the freezer.


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